About Us

Dorabi is an expression of life itself. Meticulous effort with a hint of surprise, Isn’t that what life is about?

Thats exactly what inspired us and Dorabi was created. Using the ancient techniques of Shibori,  also called as “tie and dye” in the modern world is an amalgamation of countless ways in which fabric can be manipulated - it can be bound, folded, twisted or compressed; stitched, clamped or knotted. It is a meticulous process, and yet, there is an element of surprise as there is no way to predict the outcome once the cloth has been dipped into the vat of dye. Colours, patterns, and hues bleed into each other, bringing life to each piece, and ensuring that no one outcome will be the same making each garment a unique piece of art filled with colour and exuding pure joy.

Dorabi aims to create handcrafted clothing in breathable fabrics that are wearable from AM to PM and make all and every body type look and feel amazing.

We aim to please and there is something for everyone, Happy Shopping :)